Dear Incoming Freshman

Dear Freshman,

The first thing that I want to tell you is that you will not get lost. Franklin heights isn’t complicated and you will find your classes quite easily, I can assure you of that. It may seem like a scary experience but high school is so much fun! Join extracurriculars because you have a gateway to so many opportunities that will let you find out what you like to do, it’ll help you find new hobbies and friends. The only problem is that in high school you don’t get by so easily on not doing your work. You can have your phone all the time and can choose when you want to pay attention in class. Because of this, many people fall behind, don’t do work, and fail. You have to learn to motivate yourself and actually want this education for yourself because high school is a time of self discovery and you will mess up occasionally, and that’s okay as long as you learn from the mistakes you make. Oh yeah, don’t make friends with seniors because then they’ll graduate and leave you heartbroken for the rest of your high school career. Good luck and I believe in you!

Catalog Poem

I believe in no god,

I believe in no fate.

I believe in the choices that we make,

I believe that we are selfish, but sometimes we have to be.

I believe that we as humans can make an impact because

I believe that the only thing greater than us, is ourselves.


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Photo by Tino Ramos

A stone division

from the outside world.


like mice,

but with no exit.

You are “accepted”

yet insignificant,

you are unworthy of the same opportunities

as everyone else.

In here, you are nothing but the scum on the bottom of someone else’s shoes.

Comment game

The first page I found through the game was Yahshua‘s blog and I decided to choose his Work Ethic post for one very important reason: I have trouble working fast and keeping the work nice. So, I thought this post may be able to help me and it definitely gave me some helpful advice that I hadn’t thought of before, such as knowing when you’re going to end a project because it can help you know how to manage your time from start to finish.

The second blog that I ran into was Kumba‘s blog and I actually found a very interesting post about her family and her culture that I decided to read. I loved the post because it talked about where she was from and gave me information that I didn’t know about Senegal, like how they have different tribes and actually speak French in some places. She doesn’t live in Senegal anymore, so she also talks about how different it is not living there now.

The last post I came across was on Mohamed‘s blog, titled “stop trump” (which I agree with) and I found an interesting post about how terrorism ruined the lives of Arabs in the Middle East. I absolutely loved this post because it’s speaking up about the stereotypes that have been pinned on Arabs/Muslims after terrorism occurred and how it’s impacted their lives and how the world perceives them. I believe this is an important topic to be brought up because it’s an incredibly common problem recently.

These are only a few blogs that I ran into through this fun commenting game and hopefully some of you have run into fantastic blogs as well!

My family

My family consists of me, my older brother, and my mom. I also have plenty of aunts, uncles, cousins, and great cousins from both my mom and my dads side, who come from all different states. My moms brother, David, and his wife Sarah live in New York in the Catskills with my 6 cousins. I also have one great cousin because my oldest cousin from New York has a 5 year old daughter. In Texas, I have my dads brother, Mark, and his wife Alina who live with my 2 cousins. Something that’s really interesting about them is that my uncles wife is actually from Venezuela and she learned english as her second language after she came to the United States. Lastly, my dads sister is named Anna and she’s married to Bill, who’s a firefighter. They’re the only ones who stayed in Columbus besides my dad and they live pretty close to me and my mom. My brother moved out when he was 19 so that he could live on OSU campus, but after he graduated from there, he moved to an apartment near the campus and now he’s about to move back closer to me and my mom. He says its so that he can be closer to work, but I’m sure he just misses real food like my moms cooking. There’s not much to my family, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything!

Racism in America

All the Light We Cannot Refuse to See

Photo by Kirstie Shanley 

Racism has existed since the beginning of time and has been persistent throughout the years in America. America has made some improvements, such as abolishing slavery, but there is still so much more that we could do to improve our society today. There is still plenty of racism in the states, with examples of Islamophobia being the hardest hitting topic.

The perfect example of Islamophobia would be the attitude towards Muslims after the 9/11 attacks in 2001. After the terrorist attack on the twin towers, people have developed faulty beliefs towards the Muslim people, their religion, and what they stand for.  The resentment has only risen throughout the years, in fact, hate crimes were at its highest in 2015 with 174 reported incidents of hate crimes towards Muslims. That’s only the reported crimes, not including the everyday incidents that they encounter. The lack of understanding, or even the refusal to understand, causes people to become close minded and form uneducated opinions on what the Muslim people represent.

How to Leave a Comment

Today, I plan on talking about something quite easy: commenting. There are only a few simple steps as to how to leave a quality comment on not just my page, but anybody’s for that matter.

  1. Click the comment box! The first and most important step of the commenting process is to actually find a spot to comment.
  2. You’ve read the post, so now it’s time to think about what it was about. Talk about the things that you liked about the post, such as the topic, the style, the words they used, etc. This will create the first part of your comment.
  3. Next, you’ll wanna talk about what the person could work on, but explain it in a constructive way. Make sure that what you’re saying is kind, but also helpful to the person.
  4. Adding to that, If you know more information on the topic that the person has written about, you can always add that to your comment as a cool fun fact that you know about. As another option, you can always ask a question in your comment for the author to see and possibly answer.
  5. Lastly, you can add how much you enjoyed reading about their topic and then hit the post button!


Recently our class has been listening to soundscapes and one of my favorite soundscapes has been the busy city one. I absolutely  adore the busy city soundscape because it reminds me of my favorite place in the United states; New York City. I dream of living there someday and hearing all of the noises that would be there makes me think about my future and gets me excited. It so soothing to just hear people go about their business like usual. I think everyone has a soundscape that fits them best and mine is a busy city .